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Route from Somnath(Veraval) to Dwarka/Okha

Route from Somnath(Veraval) to Dwarka/Okha

Since there has been many posts lately on the forums enquiring about the route from Somnath to Dwarka and the road conditions, here's a little report on it.

Yesterday I drove from Veraval to Okha.
ETD(Veraval) : 06:25 AM<0 kms>
ETA( Porbandar) : 09:15 AM<125 kms>
ETA(Dwarka) : 10:35 AM<234 kms>
ETA(Okha) : 11:10 AM<263 kms>

The route one is supposed to take is: Veraval-Gadu-Mangrol-Madhavpur-Porbandar-Harshad-Dwarka-Okha

Veraval, Gujarat to Dwarka, Gujarat - Google Maps

The road from Veraval uptil Porbandar is bad in patches which includes a horrible stretch of road at Narwal(25 kms from Madhavpur).

*Take a left turn at Gadu to head for Mangrol(going straight will take you to Keshod, Junagadh etc).

*Take a right turn near Mangrol entrance(gate) to get on the Mangrol byepass. Head straight on it and on reaching the end(where you will have right/left), take a right turn towards Madhavpur(left will take you to Mangrol town).

*Madhavpur has a very scenic drive right along the sea shore. It s a pity they have not developed the place.Even the Navy & Army have used the beach for joint amphibious landing exercises.
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*After around 25kms from Mangrol, comes a horrible stretch of road at a place called Narwal. It has improved to some extent, as they have leveled it out , but still you can't drive on it at more than 10 kmph. They are building/repairing a lower service road. These are the places where the concept of "Swarnim Gujarat" does not exist. May be the great CM ought to take this road some day!!!!
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Spot for tea/refreshments break at Narwal(after the horror stretch ends)
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*One you reach Porbandar, just after Coast guard District HQ, keep going straight to reach the byepass road. You will reach a bridge from where you have to take a left.Quite soon, you will reach Indian Navy Base, Porbandar. take a left there to head fro Dwarka. Going straight will take you to Jamnagar.

Road from here on is quite good. From Porbandar to Dwarka, it is around 108 kms and the distance can easily be done in 1 hour & 15 minutes, as the roads are quite good and has very less traffic. the road has a few sharp turns, slow down when negotiating these turns( one will be tempted to drive flat out all the way).
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Okha( the car's in a mess with a think blanket of dust, thanks to the mad road at Narwal)
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