Sunday, November 13, 2011

Honda Civic H22 Turbo. 600+ BHP

Honda Civic H22 Turbo. 600+ BHP

In my quest to turbo the H22 and achieve over 600 hp, we have spent oodles of money and 3-4 years of time. Finally today, we were able to achieve the desired result and the car gave us 11.7 and 618 hp on street tyres with 4 people in the car. Drag slicks will be tested soon and we should bring the time down to 11.00 or hopefully 10.8-10.9.

We started with a na high comp h22, but we could not get lower timings than 14 without nitrous.. I then decided to go the turbo route and ordered a block from abroad. Just the sleeved block because turner jobs here suck for high hp apps. Then we started with a smaller 400hp turbo and 750cc injectors. After facing many issues like idling, fueling cams, head work ignition. Multiple r&d was done on the suspension which we still feel isnt adequate and we bought a 32 way adjustable suspension and a wavetrac 1.5way lsd. Bc turbo cams which we now changed to skunk pro series. Nitrided valves titanium retainers etc. Fuel issues kept creeping up then we incorporated a sard fuel cell with two walboro pumps and 1000cc injectors and a larger turbo.. Old turbo couldnt make more then 350-400 effectively.. We bought a holset 40 and incorporated a top mount system with a twinscroll system. The mounts were race mounts from innovative and driveshaft shop axles with low temp thermostats. T! hen traction was the issue so we incorporated slicks and now she is finally ready. But if we had race gas and proper vht tracks, this car would be breaking 10 or atleast earlier 10.2-10.3.Did i mention we lightened the entire car up to 1000kg or less with fibre everything and finally we are running about 2 bar of boost. (race gas we could do 2.5 bar) gearing was too tall so we even got a final drive and now the car is finally ready. She will go into paint and interiors so i will have pics for you we are working on our evo x which we have already got down to 12.35 and are pushing for 11. Will add pics soon

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