Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pune - Best CNG Conversion Places - Your experiences.

Pune - Best CNG Conversion Places - Your experiences.

@Mod. It have cross checked twice, though there are many threads on CNG, there is nothing on Best CNG Conversion Places - Pune. From reviews, it is easy to understand that one can go for Lovato/BRC, however perfect tuning of kit is always a challenge. So request you to keep this thread which will actually help users to know best places to get CNG kit in pune + their feedback.

I have spark and planning to get CNG kit installed. But i am really struglling to get a good/best place to get it installed in pune. I have made up my mind and money is ready but dont kow where to get it done in pune to have least issues.

Heard good reviews about Greenfield,Mulund. But want to stick to pune for periodic checking etc.

Got offer of BRC kit for 32500 (Closed Loop) and 52500 (Sequencial) inclusive RTO work.
Also expcted milege 25/KG !

So query is

1. Shall i opt for BRC? How good it is ? Heard it is OEM for Maruti/Tata/Chevy?
2. Closed loop is in my budget but sequential to seems to be advanced but expensive. Is 20000 extra worth for it?
3. How CNG will impact my engine? I know warrenty will go for toss...
4. What is advanced Closed loop?

Any other points i have missed out on .

Requesting members from pune to share their feedback and places they got CNG kit fitted.

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