Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Budget used car as Palio upgrade: Petra or Corsa

Budget used car as Palio upgrade: Petra or Corsa


I presently have a 2003 Palio Sport that has done 42K kms and is doing well. The car is reliable with no major service related needs (touch wood!). I am dreaming of an upgrade to a car with equally comfortable seats and rideability, some more power which would not require the AC to be switched off while overtaking, and more boot space; in other words a sedan.
Heres the catch; It would need to be a used one, within 1.5 lakhs. Ofcourse, it should not have been abused. This usually translates to less kms and single owner.
The ones on my radar are Petra 1.6, and Corsa 1.4. Both these are visible online in the 2004/2005 vintage and within my price range. There are many Corsas with TN registration online, but I have not seen a petrol Petra with TN registration online for sale in the last month.
I would like hear from persons who have owned or have first hand information of Palio and Corsa, or Palio and Petra. The Palio is known to have probably the best back seat and seats 3 adults comfortably.
1. Is the Corsa back seat 'smaller' than the Palio?
2. Is the Petra a heavier guzzler and does it return considerably less per km than the Palio 1.2 (~ 10kmpl)?
3. Both these are probably costly to maintain – if and when they develop service issues. This is a taken. I am thinking short term (2-3 years max) and similar useage – mainly within the city and an odd trip of 500kms max once in 4 months.
What are your thoughts and suggestions based on experience? Which one should I target? Being a Palio user I am favouring Petra, but as I said earlier, they seem to be much rarer. I am seeing KL, AP and Delhi registration vehicles online. The TN registered ones are diesel – which are of higher budget and not warranted with my useage. Is the Corsa to be avoided? And I am not in a hurry: the Palio is doing well.
Thanks in advance.
(in Vellore, ~ 140 kms from Chennai)

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