Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hi Guys

Hi Guys

Hi All,

Well I'm 30yr old Delihite :ZZZ: pure lazzy & couch potato, luvs to read blogs & Forums but when it comes to writing it from my own end, I'll admit that I alwasy look for a escape route.
However off lately I realised that knowledge & information shared is always helpful to u & one around you, so which place can be better than our very own Team -Bhp to start with.

I'm a IT professional, working in a MNC, cars & bikes flow in our DNA (when I say OUR i meant the males in my family).

Currently I own a Scorpio AT, however earlier I have owned cars like : Accent, Ikon 1.6, and santro CNG
During my college yrs i had passion for bikes, during those yrs I had couple of bikes with me, RD 350 (for 3yrs) & Rx100 for 5yrs (Well was Yamaha die-heart fan)

Very much looking ahead to be a part of the group where all Mango people (Aam log) like us share unbiased reviews & give suggestions irrespective the person on the other side is referring to a M800 or a Ferrari, which I believe is the biggest USP of this to be a such big Hit. Team-BHP Rocks!:thumbs up

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