Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Constructors' Championship '11 (India) : Manufacturer of the Year

Constructors' Championship '11 (India) : Manufacturer of the Year

So, there's a whole bunch of manufacturers in India right now - fellas all the way from America to China!

The Indian automobile scene itself has hugely matured over the last few years - there have been tie-ups in Tata-Fiat, divorces in Mahindra-Renault, M&As. There's the entry of premium, uber-luxury brands; and then there's the premium brands going basic while mass volume players are aiming big. It's a crazy world out there!

Competition has driven *most* of them to provide the best there is. The level of cars w.r.t styling, equipment list, luxury features, safety aspects has taken a big leap.

How about we rate the manufacturers currently in the market on the basis of :

1) diversity in line-up : not just mere presence across segments but having a good hold on the market in each
2) safety aspects
3) styling
4) equipment list
5) luxury features
6) VFM
7) A.S.S.
8) Reliability thru' customer orientation, resolution of niggles, upgradation/recall of faults
9) India-specific products

There could be some more pointers.

MODS : Can this thread have multiple polls; as in, poll on each comparison factors? Else, a single one on the best manufacturer would do.

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Manufacturers with Indian operations :

1) Maruti Suzuki
2) Hyundai
3) Chevrolet
4) Toyota
5) Honda
6) Ford
7) Nissan
8) Renault
9) Tata
10) Mahindra
11) BMW
12) Mercedes-Benz
13) Audi
14) Porche
15) Rolls-Royce
16) Ferrari
17) Premier
18) Volkswagen
19) Skoda
20) Force
21) Volvo
22) Fiat
23) HM
24) Mitsubishi
25) Jaguar

(no particular order; did I miss any?)

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