Thursday, December 8, 2011

Driving classes and manual for drivers/riders

Driving classes and manual for drivers/riders

Hi all,

Many a times, while I drive through Bangalore traffic, felt the need to train the drivers/riders on keeping a friendly attitude than being aggressive. But in most cases, the drivers are not aware of the signs or symbols which is unfortunate. Wish, team-bhp will initiate a training seminar in Bangalore.

The most common irritants are,

1. Cars/bikes trying to sneak through narrow space while a car/truck who is reversing.
2. High beam in city (may be those driver do not know that there is a low beam option too)
3. No road lanes in most cases and some driving over them (if there is any visible line).
4. Walking next to the speed lane (may be they were once drivers?)
5. Tractors in opposite direction on speed lane (may be they misunderstood the speed lane to be a paddy field??)
Disclaimer: I do not intent to discredit anyone but wish to see everyone on the road enjoying a peaceful driving than a stressful driving.


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