Monday, December 12, 2011

Drunk Doctor bangs into parked Swift. Advice needed

Drunk Doctor bangs into parked Swift. Advice needed

Hi there. My fiancee's Swift was standing outside her building when a speeding Ford Fusion smashed into the car from the back.
The Ford Fusion toppled over but the owner came out unscathed. Owner was drunk. Police car came in and towed his car away.
Our's is also standing near the police station.
Our Swift is damaged quite a bit around the rear portion of the car body. The rear suspension is out and from initial evaluation the axles are mostly out.

The car needs quite a bit of work, but I need advice on how to go about it.
Should I file a case against the owner (he is a Doctor and very particular about his reputation)??
What about insurance??? Should I contact Vitesse and ask them for an independent evaluation?? I have already contacted New India Assurance and they are coming today for an evaluation.

SOMEONE HELP me with how to go about this. Never been in such a situation.


(Someone just calm me down by giving me a full rundown on how I can go about this)

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