Monday, December 12, 2011

My bad luck continues: Fabia 1.2 petrol engine rebuild at 14000KM

My bad luck continues: Fabia 1.2 petrol engine rebuild at 14000KM

Well, this year has been real bad for me as far as car ownership goes:

First, I lost my Laura in an accident:

Next, the BMW 520D is getting a major transmission job done:

Just a day or two after I dropped the 520D at the workshop, I was driving the Fabia to work and on the way check-exhaust-system symbol flashed and the engine was vibrating like crazy so got the car towed to Vinayaka Bangalore. They took their own sweat time to diagnose because they had to go through the warranty-process to get approvals to open up the engine and stuff and after some 10 odd days they inform me that all cylinders and valve stuff have to be replaced because engine oil is mixing with fuel. This car is bought in May-2010 and has run ~14000KM. The work is done under warranty.

This is the el-cheapo 3-cylinder petrol (HTP) engine and I thought there is nothing in it to go wrong so soon. While the car is good in all aspects I never really liked the engine - but I still bought it because I wanted a good spacious hatch and did not need a great engine.

I wrote to Skoda support requesting the following things:

1. Explanation from Skoda tech representative on the root cause for such a premature failure

2. Given that I am only left with 4-5 months of std warranty - what is my recourse if this car break down again?

3. Can I exchange the car for a new Skoda car of my choice by paying fair market price difference?

I have been planning to replace the Laura with a new car and all this mess has really made me hate cars - for the time being.

I will keep you guys posted. Would like to hear what you guys have to say.

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