Monday, December 12, 2011

Elantra CRDi - My Black Stallion now reads 1,15,000!

Elantra CRDi - My Black Stallion now reads 1,15,000!

Hello everyone -

Not a day passes without spending few minutes on the T-bhp forum. Thought I dont comment much, there isn't a word of some posts, I would want to miss. All this while, I had been passionately reading reviews that are arguably the best one can ask for. And all thoughout this time, my Elantra had been with me - no complaints or tantrums. Sad that even when this most under-rated car never threw me tantrums, the quality of service rendered by the dealer left me clueless and fuming every time I took it for a checkup. A small accident and those guys learnt how to tinker and paint, the trial and error way! Horrendous is the after sales support offered by many car manufacturers in India and I am sure when I move on to the next segment soon, I will have to think so many times about bringing home and Avante or Santa Fe. Not because of the car, but the places I will take it for service and repair. The car being good just cannot be THE motivating factor to buy.

There were couple of mods I did - Pete's Box came in at around 10,000KM with a Green Cotton Filter and the tyres went up to 205/65 R 15. After the wonder box got fixed, the car has given me out of the world experience. I just cannot find words to express how effortless driving is when its a Peted Elantra. Imagine this, the clutch assembly almost completely worn out, suspension overdue for an overhaul, tyres not in that great condition - and I start from Trivandrum at 4AM, check-in at Coimbatore at 8:30AM! Just once did I touch 120....the way you can average is what makes this a spectacular machine to drive. The hydraulic steering is a pain in the city, but the moment you turn towards the highway and step on the pedal (the way it should be), you feel the manner in which the car gets planted on to the ground - whatever be the conditions. The low stance makes me yell at times - I am a 6 footer, imagine. But that becomes an advantage when I take it to the highway. Last evening, ! I travelled to Tirunelveli and purposefully stayed calm - I must admit that cruising at 7-80kmph is pleasure, stress-free. The other is pleasure too, but of a different kind! :-)

The clutch assembly has troubled me consistently - one drawback I have seen with the Elantra. The stock player has stopped working completely except for the radio - first the cassette player stopped and then the CD player. See, this is what happens when you have an engine that speaks to you - earlier when I had a Santro and Lancer, the audio unit was up-to-date. Not even once would the car move without the player on. But over the years, the CRDi has changed the type of music I listen to - its the grunt and that addictive music when you downshift, overtake and do all that - isn't that something most of you do? If not, try!

Returns a respectable economy of 14.5 kmph - whatever I do with it. With the Pete and on city and highway, I am assured of this fuel efficiency. Shouldn't I be a happy customer? The filter got replaced recently - the Green Cotton gives it a different dimension and there is certainly a difference when I change to the stock while taking to the dealership for a service.

After all the amateurish treatment at the local dealership, I now want some knowledgeable guys to have a look at the car, suggest the few important corrections that may be required. I know its time that someone qualified looked at it - the consistent oil change at 5000-6000km interval all these years has certainly helped the condition of the car.

Can I get some help from the Elantra owners out here and others in deciding whether I should go for a Synthetic oil, Turbo checks (and which dealer), suspension change (I have never changed it in all these 5 years!).

I want to use it for another 6 months to a year before moving on.

Appreicate all your help and interesting thoughts.

I will attach a picture of my handsome stallion later, cannot do it at work...

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