Monday, December 12, 2011

Steering Feedback

Steering Feedback

Hello guys!!
For quite a few days now, a bug has been eating into my mind space!!

"What makes a steering so special?"

I know that the steering weighing up and the feedback is what makes it special but how is that achieved?? And more importantly why is it achieved by so few manufacturers? How is it that some cars (in our case manufacturers) manage amazing steering and still some manufacturers just cant nail the concept!!

Recently I drove a Ford Ikon after a long time. Drove it for quite a while (only within city). Immediately after it I happened to drive a Wagon R. That's when it hit me!! Wagon R's steering though much lighter was lifeless. Dont really know how to explain as it is all in the "FEELING". But all i can say is, Wagon R seemed more like a remote control car, felt disconnected.
The Ikon felt a lot more connected. It felt so much better to drive!!

Anyway, here's my point.
What are the factors which influence the steering feel?
Why is it that some manufacturers struggle to get it right while others consistently get it right??

Anybody who's worked on this??


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