Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ford Figo DIY cable! - How do I DIY?

Ford Figo DIY cable! - How do I DIY?

I've had enough of Ford service in Hyderabad. My Figo - 6 month old, had 4 trips to the workshop so far and it had me writing complaints to Ford India and the regional service manager about how pathetic their service really is :deadhorse. If that wasn't enough, the usb cable for playing audio via USB, is always out of stock at the Ford dealership!

So, I told myself that I've had enough of Ford service and I set out to Do It Myself, reading this guide.

No wonder I was under-equipped for this task:
1) I needed the U-pin to pull out my car stereo system.
2) I needed electrical connectors / pins for crimping.
3) I needed a crimp tool for crimping these pins.

I had these though:
1) A usb cable with male and female connectors.
2) The keycode for my stereo device.
3) Lots of patience (esp required for DIYs in India!)

Here is what I can't get help with:

I went to Xenex, and atleast 6 other car decor shops - all of them except for one shop, tell me that they can't pull the stereo with an Upin like tool! I am told that its company fitted and can't be done and what not! Road-side mechanics tell me they can't do it!!

I've asked for electrical pins, connectors, crimps - don't know what they are called in Hyderabad - but no electrical shop knows what they are or they don't have it!! They can't do a thing with my USB.

So here I am, almost hopeless. If you guys have done it or have any idea of where I could possibly get help, in Hyderabad - I'd love to hear from you!
TIA.!:thumbs up

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