Saturday, December 10, 2011

VoD on Tata Sky+ HD

VoD on Tata Sky+ HD

Good news for TSky+ HD subscribers. Get ready for the VoD.
I'm sure you all may have watched the TV AD on this. Just thought of going thru some faqs and giving it a try so I connected an ethernet cable to my STB and thats all it needed, I could see VoD and some categories that they have started with for now.

It doesnt have wireless capabilites, as we know that the STB has got ethernet port (not even sure if its GBit port or not), thats the one they are using now to get the movies downloaded via the ISP you are using, at your cost (data).

For now, they have a bunch channel content for past 5 days, some concerts and a bunch of hindi movies on offer, they may get more content. I was happy to see some old movies on the list and added it to the download queue, but I also see an expiry date after a month or less, so it will expire after a month I guess.

Also see that the download over my 2mbps connection is slow, not so fast for this SD content they have.

Just give it a try, its free until December 2011. Hopefully Tsky comes with some interesting package on VoD. I can record the TV programs anyways just fine, it will be for the movies, old hindi and some interesting english movies in HD content will be a good option if they price it right..
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