Friday, December 16, 2011

Hi! (Simple enough)

Hi! (Simple enough)

I'm 24, in my first job with an FMCG major, working in Mumbai for the next few months. I used to drive a really old Maruti 800 (family car), which dad bought so my sister and I could learn how to drive. We had an Accent before that with an amazing music system.

What do I enjoy about driving? One is possibly the knowledge that you are in control of the machine, you can make it move any way you want. I like the calming sensation of being in motion, I like it when a car responds to my pressing down of the accelerator pedal.

When I'm not working, I play video games (ever since I had to shift to a laptop from my desktop, I've been playing Football Manager) and writing short stories and poems. Some of you might get lucky enough to see them.

I had booked a Honda Jazz for myself, but we all know how that's gone for Jazz bookers. So now I'm considering a second hand Honda City or a Civic, which would cost roughly the same as a new Jazz on road.

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