Thursday, December 8, 2011

Is VW taking us for a ride?

Is VW taking us for a ride?

Referring to the 'full page' advertisement in today’s Times of India (Bangalore edition), I actually called up all the dealers only to find that the offers are valid on petrol models only and they don’t have any petrol cars in stock (only Highline petrol is available).
The 40000 offer (Breeze / Bouquet) is also not valid on Diesel variant for which they have huge stock in all variants. I am looking towards Polo TL Petrol here.

They refrain taking bookings for petrol vehicles saying, it will be delivered only after January and that the offers will not be applicable then. A price hike of 80,000 is what the SE claimed if taken delivery in January.

My question: What is this gimmick all about? Something that should be reported to VW? :deadhorse

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