Thursday, December 8, 2011

An Enjoyable Conundrum - What Car ??

An Enjoyable Conundrum - What Car ??

Thanks to changes to the company car policy in my organization I have wider options for my next company car which needs to be finalized in Early 2012. Passats and A4 were the past the standard standards. Ive been using a fully loaded passat Station wagon (with the dual clucth auto box) for over a year now and its been a real revelation for the 60K odd kms that Ive subjected it to across Europe. Am currently based in southern Germany.

Coming back to the situation on hand, the limiting factors are
(1) Engine size (2 Lts or below)
(2) carbon emissions less that 135 g/km - which rules out gasoline options
(3) Must be a 4 door sedan \ stationwagon \ notchback.

Needless to say - and wild and wonderful colours & option tend to be frowned upon at the workplace and attract higher monthly lease rates on account of their diminished re-sale value. The monthly lease limit is pretty generous and will not be a limiting factor for the segment.

Realisticaly speaking the Passat, A4, A5, C class, 3 series, the Volvo S60 etc are candidates. The A4 & the A5 present the best value propositions and I tend to agree. But im smitten by the 2012 C class, specially with the aggressive grill option, the one with the oversized three pointed star. Thats pretty much on the acceptable limit of office car norms.

I travel quite a bit on the A-Bahns within Germany and to Italy (across the legendary san bernardino pass). For now its just the wife & I although we do occasionally travel with friends. Luggage space is not a deciding factor. Front seating comfort certainly is. I enjoy my driving but am past the point where im looking for Elise-esque handling and involvement. On that account the 3 series is not vey high on the list as it seems the least comfortable of the lot. Have to admit that Im clueless about the 2012 version.
Safety is something that is high on my priority list which was the only reason why the Volvo was even considered. Though I have to admit the S60s design is slowly growing on me after having seen it a few times on the road. I also have a soft corner for the Passar CC. I could go on but that defeats the whole purpose of this thread. Which is....

...Looking for pearls of wisdom from fellow Bhpians on what car \ which model to shortlist.

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