Friday, December 9, 2011

My Bull-My Rule!!

My Bull-My Rule!!

(Flashback to my childhood days) Where i first fell in love with a girl,wait a second did i say a girl? Iam indeed wrong i was a full geek who ran before dad's The bullet and cell,spare me for this because iam going to make my dad a villan who came between me and his bullet.I still remember those days when my dad didnt bathe me up,whereas he used to bathe his bullet daily,this jealousy turned into love inspite after injustice done to me lol:
I still remember the sound of the bike which was such mellifluous to ears,I eventually compared with lata mangeshkar(sounding like foolish a bit)but dont take me wrong i really admired it sound.But it was only upto its noise as my dad didnt even allow to touch his bullet and always said"Bullet makes a man complete"! and as child i could only wait for the time to passby,but then dont know why dad sold his bullet but felt like we lost a family member,days passed on and my dad was transferred to USA,where he had to dropoff his idea to buy a newbie.
It was may2007 where i told my dad that iam a big guy now and ready to rule the road by buying a new bull,but this was not it,there's always a hurdle in my life ,my dad clearly rejected my plea to buy one and had to settle for Bajaj Avenger.It was pleasure to ride but then i met an accident and was diagnosed with severe slip disc and spinal nerve dislocation,where for i had to walk with a elbow crutch for 1 1/2 years.To encourage me to walk normally without the stick mom did plan to buy me a bullet for lust but it was too heavy for me to start from the beginning again, so had to settle with bajaj pulsar 220 which was my first EFI bike ever.
But suddenly i started feeling discomfort in the back so also had to sell this vehicle off where then due to family's pressure and final decision i had to surrender my wish and was been restricted with car only as primary vehicle for any transportation.
It was 2009 where i finally went to Royal Enfield showroom and testdrove ThunderBird and finalized it.

But.... again a twist in the story this time dad permitted me to buy Royal Enfield but it was mom now who refused my liking and with heavyhearted i settled for Yamaha FZ16.I drove it for a year,i still remember the date(10th june 2010)where finally my luck favoured me and was lucky initially to have
CL500(green).Till 250 kms i was the luckiest guy in the world but after 250kms i was the major victim of missing and missfiring for a year.My vehicle's average was down to 20km/ltrs even after changing various spare parts and sparkplugs the issue was the same, and on 26th may 2011 i planned to saleoff my vehicle where i sold it for 55k less and planned for CL350,
Heart was with CL350 but mind was a bit tilted towards CBR250.

On august 14th i finally settled for CL350 black and almost felt like a cupid having its own wings who could fly on the road happily and get hooked.
I heartly thank my local dealer who was always with me during up and downs with CL500 and special thanks to Randhawa who was always there with me in the tough times of CL500,everyone told me to move to consumer forum,but i didnt may be i was fool or not by not taking any action but then today iam the happiest guy on the road.

A pic of my new vehicle to advocate my story..

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