Monday, December 19, 2011

New Hyundai I20 Petrol - Engine + ECU trouble - Car breaks down 1500 KMS

New Hyundai I20 Petrol - Engine + ECU trouble - Car breaks down 1500 KMS

I purchased a Hyundai I20 Petrol ASTA (ABS + Sunroof model) on 14-Oct-2011 from Shivnath Hyundai, Raipur.

I had given the car for its first free service on 21-Nov-2011 and just when my driver was bringing back the car home after the service, the car broke down and stalled on the road. He wasn't able to start it and had to push it. I called the showroom guys and told them about the matter and they sent a team to fix it. But the mechanics that came had no idea what had happened and they just fiddled here and there with the vehicle but could not start it. Loud noise and rattles also started coming from the engine area soon.

Those guys then towed the vehicle to the showroom and the next day I was told that the ECU of my car had gone bad and would be replaced free of cost as the vehicle was in warranty. Since they did not have the ECU in stock, they replaced my car's ECU with their demo vehicle's ECU and asked me to collect the vehicle and promised that they would replace the ECU to a brand new one as soon as it arrived in stock. After around 5 days they called me and asked me to send the car and then promptly changed the ECU. They also said that they have taken a proper long trial of around 50-60 Kilometers with the vehicle and assured me that everything would be fine.

Now on 15-Dec-2011, I was coming home from work and the car just stopped responding at one of the red lights and the engine died. I could not start the vehicle no matter what and had to again push it to the road side and then call the showroom guys. After giving them an earful, some mechanics turned up and again tried everything to fix the vehicle but could not start it. They again towed the vehicle to the dealership.

I got a call from them the next day that they are not able to understand what the problem is and that they are trying their best to fix it. I was just shocked hearing such a reply and blasted them. On the second day I got another call and their Service Head told me on phone that the car is not able to start and there is some "back compression" in the engine and also there is presence of oil in the air-filter and carbon in the spark plugs and stuff. He said that he had spoken to the company people and they would get back to him on the issue after seeing his report.

Today I got another call and email from him saying that he needed my approval to open the engine cylinder head and carry out detailed diagnosis and send it to the company technicians as they have asked for it. I just bluntly refused the same and said I do not want this vehicle now and since it has developed an engine snag in less than 1500 Kilometers, I needed a replacement or my money back.

Its already been 4 days and the vehicle is with them. Earlier also they had the vehicle with them for 2 days. I have emailed and lodged written complaints with the dealer and also the company from the first time my vehicle had broken down. I just want to know how should I proceed further in this matter and what would be appropriate for me to do. I have also posted on their facebook page. Surprisingly I haven't received even one call from the company regarding this whole matter even after all my numerous complaints.

I am just disappointed and shocked and sad that a new top end model of the I20 has died on me twice in like 2 months. I am considering filing a case in the local Consumer Forum as well.

Please advice. Thanks.

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