Thursday, December 8, 2011

New WagonR Duo OR Chevy Spark LS LPG OR Hyundai i10 LPG?

New WagonR Duo OR Chevy Spark LS LPG OR Hyundai i10 LPG?

This is going to be my first car. Monthly running is going to be in the range of 700 kms. Would be primarily driven by me and occasionally by my wife.

With the petrol prices climbing almost every month, and Bangalore having the most expensive fuel throughout India, I am forced to think of alternate fuel options. A decent diesel (read the Vista QJD, Ritz, Figo) is still almost a lakh more expensive than the below mentioned petrol cum LPG cars, so have zeroed down to these three LPG cars.

1. The New Maruti Wagon R Duo

A very tempting and a practical option. Easy to get in and out, cheap maintenance and spares and the Maruti reliability. The only fear I have is that the 3 pot engine when running on LPG, would struggle to move on an incline or when the car is fully loaded. OTR Price in Bangalore is 4.64 lakhs after all discounts this month.

2. The Hyundai i10 LPG

This is very recently launched, but the i10 is a proven product. But I have been hearing from various sources that maintaining a Hyundai has now become a very expensive affair. OTR Price in Bangalore is 4.74 lakhs after all discounts this month.

3. The Chevy Spark LS LPG

This is the most economical option. OTR Price in Bangalore is 4.03 lakhs after all discounts this month (with central locking and sunfilms thrown in for free by the dealer). The only issue is, recently I heard Sundaram Motors have shut down their Chevy dealerships in Bangalore, so that leaves only Kropex and Trident. Servicing the car may now be a bit of a hassle. Plus, being the smallest of the lot, the boot space will be almost non existent due to the presence of the LPG tank.

Please pour in your suggestions. My wife is pregnant and I am going to have a new member in my family in another five months. I have recently learnt driving but am not too confident on the road.

With rumours of further price increase next month onwards, I am planning to seal the deal sometime this month.

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