Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pajero BS III or IV

Pajero BS III or IV


I am thinking for getting a 2nd vehicle after I sold my Innova mid this year and my final 3 shortlists were Endeavour, Fortuner & Pajero.

After going through various reviews & after test driving them - I think I will go for Pajero. I will explain later, why I chose Pajero over Fortuner & Endeavour.

And now - I need your advice; Pajero BS III or IV?

Few comparision;

Pajero BS IV:
Power: 108 PS
Ex-showroom cost: INR 21,78,668

Pajero BS III:
Power: 118 PS
Ex-showroom cost: INR 21,22,934

Technically - I am getting a powerful vehicle for 55K cheaper and the dealer promises me to get the new vehicle (say Jan 2012) since they are still producing BS III for non-metro's. And - I guess this can be clearly verified by VIN # & Form 22. Pls. note that the car will be registered in a non-metro RTO - so no legal issues as well.

And dealer says that all the features & specifications in both are exactly same, hence - no inferior product.

So - here is the advice I am looking for;

1) Am I over looking something here?
2) Is BS IV car more efficient (though it produces less emissions)?
3) While speaking - I was also told about power upgrade to 150 PS using a kit. I am not sure if such a huge increase is possible with a kit alone (no engine remapping). Any thoughts & is it advisable?

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