Thursday, December 22, 2011

How you felt when you sold your dear machine? Share your experiences.

How you felt when you sold your dear machine? Share your experiences.

Is there any place to cry on this forum? Really want to shed some tears. Just parted my ways with my four year old Optra Magnum, and I can't tell you guys how I am feeling right now. Perhaps how all of us in the family are feeling. In the excitement of buying a new car we decided to sell Magnum. But when the buyer told us yesterday that he will make the payment, and will take the car tomorrow, all of us got butterflies in stomach. And we all decided to go for dinner, alas one last time a family drive. When we came back from dinner, all of us quite literally kissed her and said goodbye, in all probability all of us wanting to cry.

So many trips and so many memories with family and friends in Magnum. My gawd what a wonderful journey it was. She never disappointed us, rather impressed us and people around us everytime. What an amazing experience it was to own such a lovely car. Few mins ago, when the guy took the car, I was literally running in my office parking to get one more and probably the last glimpse of her, and then she disappeared. This is not the first time I am getting this feeling; I already experienced it when I sold my Royal Enfield Electra. As a tribute to her companionship with me for over a lakh kms, I personally rode it to Nagpur from pune and gave to a buyer(friend), instead of shipping.

Back to my desk, and life moves on. Probably my new car will wipe the tears quickly. So tic tic wait clock started for delivery. Nonetheless, got the idea to start this thread, to share our experiences and feeling.

Note : Mods I could not find any thread on this topic. I hope "Indian Car Scene" is a correct forum for such topics.

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