Monday, December 12, 2011

Ready to reclaim my life with my New Tata Safari Dicor

Ready to reclaim my life with my New Tata Safari Dicor

After more than two years of reading every thread on Tata Safari and dreaming about it, finally the time has come to post some of my own.
Brief History:

My previous car was Zen Estilo VXI which I bought in 2008. To find more details about it visit

This wonderful car introduced me to the pleasure of driving and increased the passion for driving to a great extent.

The Safari Dream:

It all started with one minute ad which I believe must have influenced many minds. That ad made me start reading the posts on Safari on TBHP and I was amazed to see the capability of this vehicle. The wonderful travelogues by Tanveer, Suman and others made me dream about owning it someday and experience incredible India.
At one point I thought this will only remain a dream as I had to move to US for work. I had an oppurtunity to come back and the first thing on my mind was to buy Tata Safari without wasting anymore time.

Link to the Ad
Tata Safari Dicor - TV Commercial - "Reclaim your Life" - YouTube

Buying Experience:

Time has come to turn the dream to reality and those were the longest 3 weeks of my life. My first priority is to get a good price for my 2008 Zen Estilo but did not disclose it to the dealers till I got their final discount price list.

Also after lot of research and thought process, I decided I won't need a 4X4 for my Safari as I am a big offroader. Also the other reason for this decision is they stopped taking orders for 4X4 on EX and GX models. So, if I need 4X4 I need to opt for VX which is over 3lacs than EX.
In the month of November, all dealers in Hyderabad offerred Free insurance and I thought its a good deal. I got the quotes from Concorde Motors, Malik Cars and Tejaswi Motors. The least was given by Concorde for 10,52000 and Tejaswi motors promised they will match it and also their showroom and service center are only 3kms from my house.
Now the time to discuss the exchange price. Again Tejaswi was the winner and offerred 10k more than others. I selected Safari Perl Which which was available in stock and I checked the VIN number and found it to be Oct 2011. Thanks to TBH thread on VIN numbers.
I booked it and they asked me to take the vehicle on Dec 4 but I was on vacation in Mysore and Bandipur so postponed it to Dec 11.:Frustrati

First Experience:

Finally years of waiting the day arrived and as usual I was sleepless over night. The delivery was quick as I completed all the formalities previous day. Had the interiors cleaned one more time but I am still not satisfied and the dealer asked to bring it back for a free interior cleaning.
Time to go to the temple and complete the formal pooja. Off we went to a temple in which we performed the pooja for the first car. After the pooja , its time to have fun. I hit the Hyderabad Outer Ring Road which is over 50kms express highway. At the end of the day the ODO is 176kms.
My observations from first experience
- Amazing pickup and power
- Great comfort in both front and second row seats
- After driving till 10pm in the night without sleep previous night , I am not tired.
- Audio by Alpine is OK with 6 speakers but may be I need a woofer later.
- The plastics as usual are not good quality
- The stock head lights are useless for the SUV of this size. Need to upgrade the lights ASAP.
- Noise levels are high below 60kms , I guess I need to get used to the Disel engine.
- Cleaning this beast is a night mare. Any tips are appreciated.

Some pictures at the showroom. More will follow I promise :)

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