Monday, December 12, 2011

Second Coming!

Second Coming!

Hi Fellow BHPian!

have been an avid follower on TBHP, and though the moderators were kind
enough to accept my membership, I've not been an 'active' user all this while...

My membership was accepted just when I'd booked Fiat Grande Punto - the most anticipated launch at that time!

unfortunately, the car allotted to me has an under-body rust issues. And thanks to TBHP, and most importantly, fellow BHPian amogh from pune, who had exactly the same problems, i was alert enough to check it before it was registered. (of course PDI checklist was a great help there!)

I chose to go for my peace of mind after that episode, rather than waiting for another lot of vehicle promised after 2 weeks (since i almost waited for a month before all this happened). And since i had a pressing need for a vehicle, I went in for a Spark LT, which was delivered the next day of booking!Though i loved the vehicle (spark), somewhere i knew that i will be changing the car very soon, since it was bought in a hurry! And Finally after almost a year and a half, I've made the switch a pre-worshipped Honda Civic! (Ownership review thread coming soon if i'll get the green lights from mods as far as privileges for pics + posts goes.)

GTO's civic was such a huge teaser for my decision making, and of course now i'm more than excited to share the ownership reviews for the car that i loved ever since it was launched. Hope to connect with you all.


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