Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shocking revelation from Toyota Dealer

Shocking revelation from Toyota Dealer

Hi Everyone,

I was having some issues with my Fortuner brakes so I'd gone to Nandi Toyota to check for rectification possibilities.

I was told the existing performance is the best possible. I went on asking them on how similar vehicles had better have better performance and brakes etc.

I was told by the technical leader and a service engineer that only the gear box and ECU comes from Japan while everything else is procured locally which does result in quality compromises. Infact when they use a laptop & software to check the engine, they find the engine rpm to vary between different fortuners from "below 1000" to 2000, whereas the expected idle rpm should be 1500!

I was also told that the Fortuner is primarily meant for off-roading when the brakes would be better due to slow speeds and that's how its used in every other country, except in India, where users drive the Fortuner in the highway in excess of 140Kph and complain the brakes are not effective - as the Fortuner is not meant as a highway/city-driving tarmac vehicle for high speeds.

Further to this, other manufacturers also use better mechanisms, materials and workmanships resulting in better performance!

I was comparing with Skoda Yeti & Nissan X-trail.

This was a heart-breaking news to me as I'd spent about 26L for the vehicle and I realize what I get!

They also mentioned German technology is anytime better!

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