Saturday, December 17, 2011

Driving without power steering fluid

Driving without power steering fluid

I had to drive my car for 20-30 kms today without any power steering fluid in the reservoir. Actually the power steering fluid leaked as the mechanic forgot to tighten the screws after welding the joint that holds the fluid tank. Since it was middle of nowhere in a highway, I had to drive for about 30 kms or so before I could find a shop to pour some oil and reach garage.

The steering was not heavy, but noise was coming on each and every turn. There was no noise on straight line drive.

The mechanic said there would not be any problem.
I would want to know if there would be any problem or if there is any way I could check for any problem. We are planning to leave for interior Chikmagalur, and do not want any drama there.

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