Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tata Sumo 4x4 - where can I buy one?

Tata Sumo 4x4 - where can I buy one?

Dear friends,
I am contemplating buying a 4x4 Tata Sumo to use as my expedition and long drive vehicle. I have ocassionally come across 4x4 Army Ambulance Sumos during my travels and have also seen 2 threads in Tbhp about the same. I also remember to have read somewhere on this forum that I could buy a 4x4 Sumo brand new in the north-eastern states on India but I cant seem to find the thread anywhere. I also monitor the mstc website for army vehicles coming through the auctions but have so far never seen 4x4 sumos come up for auction.

I would ideally like to pick up a used army auctioned sumo from somewhere, work on the vehicle thoroughly and convert the exterior looks to that of a landrover defender and use the vehicle for my regular highway runs.

I am ready to start the project but I am unable to find any used 4x4 sumos to use as the project vehicle.

Enquiries in Tata showrooms in central india have also not yielded a positive response from the sales department so far.

And I also understand from my discussions with stalwarts that 4wd conversion of a 2wd sumo is also difficult and technically challenging.

I request the forum members to:

1) Help me procure a used 4x4 sumo; or
2) Help me buy a brand new 4x4 sumo; or
3) Help me convert a 2x2 sumo into 4x4 sumo.

Looking forward to everybody's help in this project.

Dr. A Ghosh

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