Sunday, December 4, 2011

Intermediate Startup Trouble on i20 CRDi!

Intermediate Startup Trouble on i20 CRDi!

Car bought in August 2009. Done 29000 kms.

Current Problem:

Most of the times the car works fine. Once in a while it just refuses to startup. It always starts up fine at home, and usually gives up on the return trip. (Some component heating up??)

First suspect was the battery which was changed to a new one last week. But the problem remains.

When the car is in the "not starting" mode, the symptoms are as follows:

1) The self (starter motor) revolves but the engine refuses to fire up. The starter revolves each time but fails to start the car.
2) All lights, music system etc work fine.
3) I tried checking and re seating all relavant fuses/relays. No result.
4) Jump starting/push starting does not help.

The "problem" mysteriously dissappears. Once I was left stranded for over 3 hours and must have tried starting at least 50 times. I had actually called for a tow truck. On the 51st try, it randomly started up and I drove home. Car worked normally after that!

I sent the car to the A.s.s. and on that day the problem did not repeat itself. They connected the scanner and declared that they cannot find any problem with the car!

An unreliable car is as good as a non existent one! Help!!

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