Tuesday, December 13, 2011

TBHP: A sticker that stands for "responsible driving"

TBHP: A sticker that stands for "responsible driving"


I agree that we are all proud to be a part of this huge forum known as TEAM-BHP. We carry the spirit all the way from writing posts on this forum, to advising a fellow TBHPian, to meeting one another in groups once a while. What we tend to forget, and this is what I believe should be the most important while being a TBHPian, is that when we sport a TBHP sticker on our ride, we carry a message. A STRONG ONE!

I hope I've begun to get your grey cells to think along the lines of mine and I hope most of you will agree.

Agreed, the sub-title of our forum says, 'REDLINING THE INDIAN AUTOMOTIVE SCENE', but does that really have to mean that we REDLINE everywhere possible? I do not think so! Maybe one of the MODs can bring in some morales that TBHPians must commit. But, it's high time we listed out OUR PRINCIPLE or MOTTO or whatever you want to call it.

Some would be like:
1. ABIDE traffic rules
2. SIGNAL posts are not to bring 3 colours to the roads, but to be followed.
3. No ROAD rage.
4. NO DRINK n DRIVE.. C'mon, even schumi advises against it. (Schumacher Bacardi CSR - YouTube)

Almost like, when a cop sees a TBHP sticker on, he knows that he can't take you around for a ride cos he's darn sure that you're gonna be more RIGHT than HE IS.

WE are now a nation-wide community growing in large numbers by the day. We can bring in change by doing our bit on the road. Sporting a TBHP sticker means a lot more than being 'cool'. But, let me not go the extent of something like HELLS ANGELS!

Think about it!

PS - The reason I say this is because, on my way back from Whitefield towards Marathalli today, I saw a black swift driving rashly(took a right turn near the SHELL petrol bunk around 2pm), changing lanes every now and then without the indicator on, honking, almost had me jump into a pothole. And when he crosses by, I was SHOCCCKKKED to see TBHP stickers all around the car. I even managed to take a snap with my phone's camera. I initially thought I should post it here. And then thought otherwise.

Folks, Let's learn to COMMAND RESPECT. We are mature enough. Let's PEN down some principles for our forum. MODs, I hope you agree.

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