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Trident Chevrolet, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore

Trident Chevrolet, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore

I recently got my Corsa serviced at Trident Chevrolet, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore.

I have been a customer of Sundaram Motors until they closed shop.

Now the harsh reality for GM car owners in Bangalore is that there's only Kropex, Trident and Frontline motors for servicing. Kropex has not a single good review and Frontline is just too far away so it's Trident almost everyone's turning to.

The workshop at Trident was built I think keeping in mind that they'd be servicing scale models. There are an astonishing (in a very negative way) only 6 service bays of which only 4 have hydraulic lifts. The other bays are Electronic jobs (1) and Wheel alignment & Balancing (1). Space is a MAJOR constraint at this place. The washing area is adjacent to the service bays (separated by a wall of course) and the cleaning, 3M treatment etc. happens at the waiting area.

The workshop is open throughout the week and as per their website, it is open from 9am to 6pm. My SA did mention that they work till 10pm (don't know how true this is though).

Forget space, getting an appointment itself is a daunting task. BHPian abhinav.s got an appt. for his Spark's free servicing months after he originally wanted it (after several postponements). The SAs at Trident are helpless due to the limitations of space and the astronomical increase in cars due to Sundaram's shutdown.

It is utter chaos out there. Luckily, there are a handful good SAs who tend to you (only after you've spent ages waiting). They don't necessarily suggest replacement rightaway.

Funnily, the car is washed first and then taken in for servicing!

There are 2 Opel-specific mechanics - one each in the morning and evening shift. And, they have very *few* Opel spares so if it's not a regular servicing that you visit for, chances are you'd have wait at least 3-4 days. The gear cable for my Corsa took 1 week.

The mechanics seem to have done a decent job and since I went there just for the gear cable replacement, I can't comment on other aspects.


pros :

1) it's existence!
2) a few good SAs
3) mechanics seem to have done a decent job, at least for me

cons :

1) SEVERE space-crunch
2) over-worked SAs
3) severe work-load
4) since cars are often washed *before* servicing, chances are you won't get a spick and span car during delivery.
5) you have to get things like cleaning etc done by keeping a watch
6) the driver who brings the car from service bay to washing area is an idiot! he literally attempted driving Abhinav's Spark from the washing area while the FFE was still covered in plastic. So, if your car has such mods, you have to stand guard during washing

Overall, you get work done well but you really have to get it done as Trident doesn't seem to be able to cope up with the car influx.

The SA did mention that they're opening a branch in Indiranagar or some place.

For now :

No. 122/1, C. Shankar Reddy Layout,
Kalyan Nagar Ring Road,
Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore - 560043
Phone: 080 - 43430500
Fax: 080 - 43430517

Link to their website : Chevrolet Dealer Bangalore - Trident Chevrolet

MODS : I know this review doesn't exactly glorify the A.S.S. but this is one of better options for GM vehicles in Bangalore.

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