Friday, November 11, 2011

How big a hole did your ICE burn in your pockets

How big a hole did your ICE burn in your pockets

I have been strolling through the posts of the ICE setup of different members and there are quite a few mind-boggling ones here.
I have to add that each time I see one of these I want to spend my hard earned rupias on it but I am still to take the plunge for various reasons, the main one being the availability of the above mentioned rupias (what with the inflation and all that)

So I thought I should take a poll and find out how much my friends here have spent on their respective ICE so we could have statistics regarding it. I hope everyone will be enthusiastic about it. I have added ranges, you can always mention your amount in a post.

Additionally, please feel free to put a break-up of the cost so this thread can be a one-stop search for prices of the different components of the ICE.

Mods: I did search and didn't find any threads. Kindly don't ban me if I break any rules, it's just ignorance.stupid:

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