Sunday, December 11, 2011

A week old Punto is getting water logged after a Body Wash.

A week old Punto is getting water logged after a Body Wash.

Urgent Help needed.

My week old Medium Grey 90Bhp diesel Punto is getting water logged inside the cabin after a wash.

After a lot of research and weighing in the Pros and Cons of owning a Punto/ Fiat Car, went ahead and bought the car with raised
eyebrows all around.

Well, I knew that the niggles and the inconsistent fit and finish and some quality issues of the parts were very much a concern for many owners, it has just surfaced in my week old punto and cemented all those fears.

I will not delve much into the Pre Delivery and initial impressions of the Car on this thread and concentrate on the Problem.

Being a weekend, Planned for a longish trip to shravanabelagola( 310 Kms to and fro) from Bangalore. I gave the Punto a much needed wash with water and cleaned her before setting off. During the journey the footmats supplied by Fiat were faltering my footwear and I removed them and started driving.

I felt that the carpet was damp and ignored it thinking that it must be some superficial droplets of water that might have entered when I rolled the windows after the wash/ from my wet footwear.

Later my motherinlaw who was sitting behind me also complained that the floor was wet. We returned home and I did a bit of inspection and found that the whole area from the Driver side footwell till the
rear seat has become quite wet. The carpet and the thick insulation at the footwell was totally wet and I could see water there. There must have been atleast 4 to 5 litres of water that must have entered
inside of the car.

There are AC vents under the front seats and am not sure whether they would leak that much of water. Strong possibility might be that the water is not getting drained properly and might have entered into the car. I would not expect such basic things not to work in a new car.

As for accessories, I got ICE changed, Linea Armrest fitted, Sunfilm, Map My India Navigation/ Reverse camera installed and Horn changed.

The wires for the ICE instal were drawn on the passenger side and not on the Driver side. The armest was installed at Concorde dairy circle.

What do I do now since the Damp carpet and Damping material would start smelling.

Weekdays are so much of a problem for me to take the car to the service.

I did speak to one of the Concorde service guys and he was saying I have to schedule an appointment for service. Is this how it works and should I let the wet carpet/ damping material to smell??please:

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