Sunday, December 11, 2011

Honda CBR 250R and parts issues

Honda CBR 250R and parts issues

Hello everyone! Recently bought a Honda CBR 250R after moving up from the RE Thunderbird which I've owned for years now. No, this is sadly not going to be an ownership thread.

I am starting this new thread because of the parts issue that I am facing with Honda. I had an accident on the bike a week back and have been given an estimate of the parts, prices etc here in Bangalore. The problem is that of 21 parts that they have estimated that needs replacing, my dealer only has 7 of them. He is not even sure that he can get the radiator in a few days! He says that he will not even give me a date since he is not sure that he can get the parts in a few weeks.

Now I am in a quandry. Since I am taking the insurance claim, do I leave the bike in the service center and wait for them to replace the parts as they come in or bring the bike home? Friends advised me against leaving the bike in the ASC as a simple measure of safety for the bike.

Now, my main problem is that I was planning an all South India ride this month end and this parts issue has put a spanner in the works.

If I can source the radiator - which is the main part that I need, I think I can manage to get the rest later. But how does insurance work in this case?

I would also appreciate the help of you guys out there to advise and also see if you can source some parts for me. Thanks for the offer of help, aargee!

I am attaching the scanned copy of the estimate with this post.

Help please:

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