Thursday, December 8, 2011

What bike? what do you call this urge at this age?

What bike? what do you call this urge at this age?

I don't know what you youngsters would call this. I just stepped into my 40's and people around me always say "Upgrade to a SUV" but here I am active on a bike forum asking this question... What bike for this ole' man?!

Prelude: I am sold to the KTM 200! Just waiting for the bookings to open to book one.

Already firmed my visit to Auto Expo 2012 to check out more upcoming stuff!

My mind set on a few more options.

Honda's upcoming 250 VTR 250 - but when?
Yamaha FZ 250 (almost ruled out cos of its styling)
Ninja 250/650 - 2012 ( ruled out as its too expensive for my liking)
Honda CBR600F - again when? and how much?
Hyosung 650N (ruled out for two things - I don't like the way its exhaust stands out. and Garware Motors yet to settle in with their service etc)

What would I use the bike for?

Mostly non-office commute (read - Weekend ride) and sometimes Office commute as well (during non-rainy season)

So folks - What are your suggestions? :)

PS: I have posted a similar thread on the exclusive biking forum as well just and posting here too as I don't want to miss outputs from my brothers who aren't out there but in here!

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