Thursday, December 8, 2011

Broken Gearshift on Chevy Beat. Pin-type Gear lock

Broken Gearshift on Chevy Beat. Pin-type Gear lock

Sigh. This is such a predicament. I'm looking at a broken gearshift, on a brand New Chevrolet Beat. And the car doesn't belong to me :(. Apparently I muscled in the pin-type gear lock on the third failed attempt a bit too much, after slotting the car into reverse (the pin locks the gearshift in reverse). I left and when I came back a few hours later, I pulled out the gear lock and the gear shift was dangling like a limp you-know-what. Its a 4 day old car :(. Not to take anything away from the fact that it seems like an outright mistake on my part, I just went along with the whole new-things-take-a-while-to-get-into-the-groove feeling about it, and just didn't know how much force was unusual. It snapped shut and I shrugged and walked off.

Now it's broken. Any ideas on what could be the damage? It's a cable shift, so I'm guessing the linkage could have given away? Or is it possible that idiotic Jonny Bravo here might have done more damage? :(

I'm losing my bearings, coz it isn't my car. I've had worse things happen to my Palio GTX and lived. I'm headed to the Chevy dealership tomorrow. Any tips on how not to get fleeced into replacing things that aren't broken or have nothing to do with this?

Also, is this something that is covered under warranty?
Or will they go all on me?

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