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Beat of India is Spark of Europe

Beat of India is Spark of Europe

Need for new Car in the Family was generated by ever increasing petrol prices and daily run of 40 Kms of my daughter to Law College on our Fiat Siena 1.6ELX (100BHP). The fuel bill had climbed upto INR6500.00PM with ever increasing traffic jams in NCR of Delhi and petrol consumption measurement changing from KM per liter to Liters per hour. One thing was clear that we required a Diesel Car and the budget was not exceeding Rs.5Lacs as it had to be Cash Down to avoid hassels of EMI.

FIAT Punto Active, Ford Figo TDCI, Ritz LDI and Chevy Beat 1.0LS with its new Diesel avatar were the shortlisted Cars.

FIAT Punto was the first choice owing to high satisfaction levels with FIAT quality and reliability in FIAT Siena. But the budget was overshooting by Rs.45,000.00 and the length of the car also was a little more. Hence dropped from the list.

Ford Figo TDCI was good to drive but looks were not contemporary and found the sitting to be a little low and the Budget also overshooting by Rs.50,000.00

Ritz LDI was outright dropped owing to waiting and being out of budget.

Beat 1.0LS was test drove, found it within the budget with trendy exteriors, funky speedometer and Tachometer, Extremely Frugal Diesel engine with low NVH. This was locked as a family decision.

Dealer Hunt
Now began the hunt for the Dealer offering best deal with a promised delivery on Dhan Teras (Festival Two Days before Diwali). Called up all dealers here in Delhi and received replies ranging from waiting of 10 Days to 30 Days. Regent Automobiles at Mohan Cooperative Industrial Area confirmed ready delivery of all variants PS, LS and LT with a wide choice in colours. A trip to the dealer on the evening of Friday 21st October 2011 and excellent behaviour of the Sales executive Mr.Sunil Gupta we confirmed the booking for Super Red Beat 1.0 LS with an assurance of delivery on Monday 24th October 2011. No discounts were offered except usual Floor Mats, Divinity etc. but was promised a thorough PDI. Verified the VIN number and FORM 20, confirming date of Manufacturing as Sept. 2011 and date of despatch from Talengaon as September 30 2011. Vehicle Insurance I opted to buy online and save approximately Rs.2500.00.

Delivery & Experience
As promised Car was ready for Delivery on the Dhan Teras day with Registration Number etc. Delivery process was prompt and professional. Have had an opportunity to drive 300Km, the new acquisition around the town and formed following opinion-:
  1. Exteriors are extremely trendy and appealing. Paint job is glossy and stands out amongst neighbors RED POLO and RED FIGO.
  2. Black Interiors contrast well with RED color and the Seat Fabric is good quality and well matched.
  3. Steering Wheel with funky speedometer instills confidence of youth and life.
  4. Silver on steering Wheel with Goiden Chevrolet emblem are ornamental to the Beat interiors.
  5. Front Seat Stance is Comfortable with all controls e.g Gear Shift, Combination Switch to control the turn signal, wiper and Head Lamps ergonomically placed.
  6. Front view is slightly raised hence bonnet is not visible even to a 6ft like me. Reverse view is extremely clear and short overall length makes it extremely convenient to park in a city like Delhi otherwise suffering from paucity of parking space.
  7. Engine cranking is short and smart with idling extremely silent.
  8. Driving is peppy with quick gear shifts to achieve highest fuel average and lowest NVH.
  9. First Tank Full (30L) is now just over half with 300Km of city driving. Do not have average statistics ready yet.
  10. Steering Wheel is extremely light but not as responsive. Apt for city parking and maneuverability.
  11. Ride Quality appears to be comfortable with most of the pot holes and undulations going unnoticed.
  12. First Service due 1000Km or One Month.

Looks like this 936CC Diesel Engine from GM is going to set standard for competitors.



Made a pilgrimmage trip to Haridwar, a round trip of a little more than 500Km. During the trip drove on kutcha tracks and Toll Plaza. Touched 100KM/hr without sacrficing stability.
  1. FE figures 21.6Km/l on a mix of city and Highway driving.
  2. First inspection over at 1000Km, which was cleaning and washing.
  3. NVH has further mellowed.
  4. Apt city shuttle

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