Thursday, November 24, 2011

How to Caliberate the Speedo after tyre upsize?

How to Caliberate the Speedo after tyre upsize?

My MM540 recently got a massive tyre upsize from stock which gives out a speedo error of about ~25%. Now, I'm completely OK with the error, and don't bother much, there are certain concerning things associated with this.

1. The vehicle will be driven by many (used in farm), and down here 60kmph is a physiological safe speed to travel, without losing much time. I have seen many put effort to take my Jeep till its 60 mark, which well.. is ~80kmph in reality, and is a very unsafe speed in a 540.

2. I need to compute more to find the FE. Also, trip et al becomes a bit confusing.

So.. I was wondering if there is a way by which one can calibrate the speedo to match the upsize'd tyres?. DIY will be appreciated.



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