Monday, November 14, 2011



A couple of years back, I went to get my 4x4 TC of my safari checked at Sarjapur Bed lake. That OTR gave me goose bumps which faded when my wife blasted after looking at her injured truck. Again the TC was in action when were stuck in a slush somewhere in Wayanad: First to get a tavera out and then ourselves. The third time was in the sand dunes of the Jaisalmer, where with my limited knowledge of off-roading, I somehow got stuck and somehow got out! Wanted more now!!!!

So I ended up with this and don't need my wife's car (she paid half the money as a bargain)!

Jaggu helped me all along! First of all he recognized me from that OTR and then helped me through out get my mini truck: A a couple teasers as of now. Will post my experience as and when I get some time :). Again, thanks a ton Jaggu!!

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