Monday, November 14, 2011

Octavia vRS timing belt failed - Kolkata bangalore Trip

Octavia vRS timing belt failed - Kolkata bangalore Trip

I bought a 2005 vRS from Kolkata and decided to drive down to Bangalore.

Since it was clocked around 79K on the odo, I decided to visit the dealership for a basic service. The service advisor at JIA auto politely introduced himself and strait away said the cost of service will 11.5K including the oil and oil filter change. When I informed about an unusual sound comes out while shifting the gears, he simply said it is because of some misplaced part which is causing vibration and hence the sound! he was not even ready to test drive the vehicle!!

I learned that the guy is wrongly placed, based on my seller's advise, I decided to check the things outside.

the vRS has been treated with an oil and oil filter change, topped up the break fluid, got all the breaks checked at outside JIA motors. we were shocked see that pure water was filled instead of the coolant by JIA on the earlier service. got it replaced and decided to start my trip on the next day morning targeting the first day at Bhuvaneswar.

Started at 5:30 AM from Kolkata. Since I could hit Bhuvaneswar at 12:58, I decided to rework the first day target to Vizag. started at 3PM from Bhuvaneshwar after a lunch break and quick car wash, the navigator gave the ETA as 11PM.

managed to exit Orissa AP boarder by 6PM, i could reach a place called narasannapetta by 7:15 PM. The navigator said 125 KM to reach Vizag. Here comes the problem, car went off automatically, i managed to park the car to a a truck by-lane on my left.

I had to tow the car to vizag. The Mahavir Skoda helped to with a platform truck, costed 7.5K for towing 140 KMs and managed to reach Vizag by 2 AM, 14/11/2011.

Mahavir found the problem as timing belt failure. I have been shocked with an initial estimate of 1.10 lakhs

need advice on the attached estimate from Mahavir, Vizag. I'm left with two options now.

1. complete the job here in Mahavir Vizag, which may take 15 days. I must fly back once the job is done to drive the pending distance.

2. can ship the car to Bangalore/ Kerala dealerships and complete the job there. The shipping wouldn't cost anything less than 30K! But both the above dealerships are filled with vehicles where the Vizag dealership is almost free with average 10 services vehicles per day.

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