Monday, November 28, 2011

Lamborghini Cabrera LP600-4 | Gallardo Replacement

Lamborghini Cabrera LP600-4 | Gallardo Replacement

Its been a long while that I've been reading articles and threads on various forums of the much awaited Gallardo replacement, the Cabrera (patented Lamborghini name) LP600-4 and thought its high time we too had a thread dedicated to the developments of this car. As of now, there are very limited facts and figures available and the production and delivery are rumored to be slated for 2013.

Some of the specs I was able to gather from different sources would be,
  • Name: Lamborghini Cabrera LP600-4
  • Debut: 2013
  • Delivery: Mid 2013
  • Styling: Taking cues from Aventador and Sesto Elemento
  • Price: Up by 5-7%
  • Bhp: 590-610
  • Estimated 0-100 KM/H: 3.1-3.2 sec
  • Estimated topspeed: 335 Km/H
  • Gearbox: Possible DTC and no manual
  • Weight: Lighter than or just as light as the LP570
  • Materials: Mostly Carbonfiber like the LP700
A rendering of the Carbrera taking cues from the Aventador and Sesto Elemento.

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