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The Rs 6 lakh Diesel Dilemma !

The Rs 6 lakh Diesel Dilemma !

This is my first ever topic in Team-BHP and it feels quite good to say the least.
After several attempts I am finally in.
Cracking Team-BHP is no less than getting selected for a MNC company lol:

My query is about a diesel car within the range of 6-6.5 lakhs (extendable upto 7 lakhs if seriously required) for my family. I basically belong to Odisha and I actually work at Nashik. We are already having an 8 year old Maruti 800 with us which is still on duty. Now we (my family) have decided to opt for one more car which will be used as both my parents work at different places (in Odisha) and they need two separate cars. Moreover if i switchback to Odisha I will definitely need one car. So we thought its the best time to have one.

Prime requirement : DIESEL car.
Why ?
- Personally I love the new age diesel cars for the practicality they offer. The power is more usable and they feel more robust.
- Even though our running will be on the lower side (< 1000 km/month) to justify the premium (for diesel),the rising petrol prices is having an alarming effect. And who knows we might start using the car more often !
- IMHO the diesel versions of most cars are actually superior or worth the premium (be it the Swift diesel or i20 diesel or the Vento). They actually perform better than their petrol counterparts. So even though you wont be justifying the break even analysis, you are actually opting for a powerful version.
- Govt might impose new tax on Diesel cars so better have a car before the budget 2012.

Now the options available :

* Swift VDi [6.51 lakhs] : This car actually bugged our mind for having a diesel hatchback and the reason is known to all.

Merits :
+ Excellent engine,hoot to drive and great economy
+ Maruti. Nuff said
+ New car , Looks fresher and a great all rounder
+ Service and maintenance is never a problem with swift

Demerits :
- Waiting period. Minimum 6 months.
- Price ! The updated price does make it look overpriced for what it offers.
- Small boot and limited interior room (especially at back, 3 can be a squeeze)
- Braking related issue with L/V models

*i20 CRDi Magna [6.71 lakhs] :

Merits :
+ Compare this to Swift and you will definitely find this car VFM.
+ Quality interiors, space at back for 3, boot is big and usable.
+ 1.4 litre engine is a performer. Fast,efficient and powerful (Turbo lag not withstanding)
+ Very neutral nature that appeals almost everyone.

Demerits :
- Steering rattles and ineffective Air Conditioner.

(Now how bad is this problem ? Some are ok with it and some find it quite annoying as it is with skanchan95. I am totally confused. Test drive wasn't enough to judge the problem and I want the owners to comment on this. Since we are acquainted to our 800, few rattles here or there wont be a big problem. A/C too needs to be a decent one. But if these things are as bad or worse than our 800 then no point of opting for this car at almost 7 lakhs)

- Hyundai's expensive maintenance issues

(No doubt Hyundai will be more expensive to maintain compared to Maruti but by what margin ? Especially if we compare the i20CRDi , which gets its engine from Korea , with the locally manufactured Swift DDiS. Even the service interval lesser in case of Hyundai. I have heard availability of spares can also be problem ?! )

- Hyundai CRDi engine's long term reliability ?

(Accent CRDi being the great example ! Though people like kpzen/undead/ShyamSCrdi are having great experience with their Getz CRDi which is quite a relief. i20 CRDi's long term performance is yet unknown. )

- Light steering for such a powerful car is a let down.

Ritz VDi ABS 6.31 lakhs :

Merits :
+ Competent city hatch. Good ingress and head room
+ DDiS engine is great and economical
+ Compared to Swift it feels VFM.
+ Typical Maruti Values

Demerits :
- Drive is slightly inferior to both i20 and Swift (personal opinion)
- Lacks that glitz value. Doesn't appeal the heart.
- Feels a segment lower (Build quality,suspension,NVH wise)

Dzire VDi 6.9 lakhs :

+ Its a Swift with a practical boot
+ Super dependable car. Reliability and ownership experience is unmatched
+ Good engine and economy
+ Sedan = More respect stupid:

- Will be discontinued next year maybe. Dzire CS is coming.
- Awkward styling and limited interior space.
- Again waiting period.

Tata Manza Aqua 7.1 lakhs

+ Unreal space and comfort level. Most comfortable backseat I have ever sat.
+ Competent Quadrajet engine. Decent performance/NVH/economy
+ Good ride quality. Handles Indian road well.

- Interiors or the general build lacks quality of others
- Tata's A.S.S. is still a question mark
- Reliability can be a hit or miss with Tata. If 15 lakh rupees Aria can fail (as it was with indian21r ) then why not Manza !
- Aqua model is under equipped while Aura overshoots out budget.

Good cars which are not considered :

Fiat Punto :
- Great car. Fiat's sorry state of affairs and dark future is a big problem
- Absence of Fiat's service at our place.

Ford Figo
- Great suspension and responsive engine but feels built to a price. Lacks the charm
- Ford's service isnot available at our place. Niggles with Figo makes it even more critical

Indica Vista
- Taxi image is letting it down.
- Tata's suspect-able QC.

Skoda Fabia,VW Polo and Nissan Micra are totally disliked for personal reasons.

Thanks for showing the patience and going through the post.

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