Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tyre Change Time on my Linea MJD EMO Pk

Tyre Change Time on my Linea MJD EMO Pk


My Linea MJD EMO Pk is due for a Tyre change. My car has run 38000Km and is 13 Months old, translating in a running of around 3000Km a month.

My OE Apollo Accelere's have given me adequate service. Just one flat, average road noise, decent average (17Kmpl, mainly on the NH4), no complaints about the grip, handling and braking too. Ride too has always been satisfactory. The only grouse i have is the wearing out at 38000Km.

I need to replace my tyres, set of 4. My priority is tyre life, grip and braking. Better economy would be a bonus. Road noise and ride although important are not the priority.

My tyre dealer has suggested Goodyear Assurance or the MRF ZLO.

Valuable inputs are awaited to help me choose.



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