Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bangalore to coimbatore via mysore, et al

Bangalore to coimbatore via mysore, et al

This weekend i am planning to take the drive to hometown via mysore(the palace, krishnasagara dam), Ooty and then to coimbatore.

1) Bangalore(electronics city) -NICE road- mysore road.
2) Krishnarajasagara dam
3) mysore palace
4) Gundulupetta
5) ooty
6) mettupalayam-annur-coimbatore.

My queries:

1) When in mysore road, where exactly to take the right to the dam?

2) If i start early, say by 6 am, will i be able to reach coimbatore by night(say 10 pm), given that this is a usual sight seeing tour?

Thanks for your replies, in advance.

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