Thursday, December 22, 2011

Toyota ETIOS Recall - Arberation in the filter hose.

Toyota ETIOS Recall - Arberation in the filter hose.

Toyota ETIOS Recall - First in India

Toyota ETIOS was launched in India in December 2010.Is this the alarming signal to the other problems being faced in the ETIOS by the owners.Since the ETIOS has been developed on a raw platform and the vehicle was already showing that it is a baby born prematurely. Now when Toyota has also acknowledged one issue after 12 months, definitely there are more problems to be evolved with increasing usage and duration of time of ETIOS. For every Toyota Recall a proper reasoning paper is released to explain the issue and its causes and remedy. Has anyone read that paper released from TKM?

ETIOS is very costly at the price being charged and the plain interiors, poor performance, extremely low mileage, higher NVH Noise, vibration and harshness and above all absence of weather gaskets on all 4 doors.

Aberration in the filter hose of Toyota ETIOS and Toyota ETIOS Liva has started in the first year of ETIOS existence in the world. The service camp to call the vehicles produced before OCTOBER 2011.
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