Monday, December 5, 2011

MV F3 675 Augusta Details Revealed!

MV F3 675 Augusta Details Revealed!

MV’s forthcoming and mouth-watering new supersports, the F3 675, will be the most sophisticated, tech-laden supersports ever when it finally goes on sale next month.
The Italian firm has at long last revealed the all-new machine’s full technical specification and it promises to blow away conventions of what middleweight sports bikes are fitted with – and capable of.
In short, the all-new three-cylinder machine’s spec reads more like that of high-end full-litre superbike than that of a 600-class machine.
Switchable mapping and traction control, launch control, anti-wheelie and a quickshifter headline the F3’s superbike-style electronics package; the ultra-compact, short-stroke three-cylinder engine boasts a MotoGP-style counter-rotating crank and a claimed 128cv @ 14,500rpm; while the chassis is ultra-compact, too – boasting a class-leading, ultra-short, 1380mm wheelbase and dry weight of just 173kg.
The new F3 675 will be available from December in limited edition, £19,999 ‘Serie Oro’ guise and from January in standard form priced £9999 In red/silver, white or black.

Looks absolutely spectacular!

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