Sunday, December 4, 2011

Safety in A/c compartments in trains.

Safety in A/c compartments in trains.

About a year back, i had to travel from Delhi to Kolkata by train. It was on short notice (official purpose) that i had to book the ticket. But to my surprise, i could easily get a 3rd AC ticket, but couldnt get a sleeper class. I had booked through the net and there was regret sign for all sleeper class. I was a little confused on why this was the case.

It was only when i travelled did i realize the reason for this situation. The few fellow passengers who were with me said that i had made a big mistake by taking an AC ticket ! The reason that they stated is that after the halt at Patna station, the train makes its way through a jungle for most of its time till it reaches Kolkota. And that train was notorious for stopping in between the jungle, just for dacoits to loot the passengers, especially those travelling in AC compartments ( those fellow passengers all were getting off at Patna!!).

They said that either these looters had any inside man for them to get the doors opened or they would straight away break glass of the windows, which made me consider something that i've never reasoned before. Why the hell dont they provide grills for AC compartment windows?? Ok now i understand that the thieves would always come up with some or the other innovative ideas, but this is like an open invitation for them!! I don understand the logic, grills for sleeper compartment and glass for AC compartment?? The passengers were telling me it was much safer to travel in a sleeper class !! That solved the mystery!! Please pour in your logic for not having grills in AC compartments, if not the total security but at least it is a step towards that.

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