Thursday, December 22, 2011

Suggestions Required in Importing a Trailer for Safari

Suggestions Required in Importing a Trailer for Safari

Hi Gurus/Bhpians,

i own a 2006 safari 4*4 and currently i am in Europe i am planning to import a trailer for my Beast(recently Procured a Gypsy have to start a new thread as i don't have the pictures, which would happen after i am in India), i have really got very good options here for the trailers and there are available in 2 ranges(2 & 4 Wheels) the price is also very decent and i don't require to pay more.

The basic trailer starts from 5000 inr and the maximum reaches to 1,00,000 inr.

i am planning to procure a mid range which would cost around 30,000 to 40,000

as i am not sure how the process is and the Problems which would be faced, the reason for posting it in Team BHP is the Language problem here in Europe as they don't understand me and i don't understand them.

so before i take the decision to procure one i need to know the Positives and Negatives. please:

p.s: i am on a work permit.

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