Thursday, December 22, 2011

My shuddering brand new i10

My shuddering brand new i10

Hi Team,

I recently purchased a Hyundai i10 1.2 Magna car. While the car itself is great and I am getting an excellent mileage, I am facing an issue where in first gear when the car is moving from a standstill, there is a shudder at a particular point where the clutch completely disengages (i.e., the point where clutch pedal is 25% depressed, a second later my foot will be off the clutch pedal).
This behaviour i.e., the shudder increases as the distance/temperature of the engine increases.
This issue is present from the day one and similar characteristics are observed in reverse gear as well.

I searched through the forum but found that this kind of behaviour is attributed only to cars which are old or have their clutch abused.

I have a swift Dzire and had a maruti Alto before this but had never observed this kind of behaviour in either of these cars.

Had took the car to service station on the second day with this issue and they just adjusted the clutch play and said the issue was due to clutch pedal having excessive play, but I still am able to make out a shudder at a particular point and was told by the SA to drive around till the first service as it might get resolved by then?

Has anyone faced similar issue before?


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