Monday, December 5, 2011

Yet another Civic gets cold with ICE!

Yet another Civic gets cold with ICE!

Flashback: This isn't a review of the car, but to give you a brief idea about the journey
march 2007: Bought the car during sister's wedding, kind of a "weekend car" if you will
november 2011: it's run only 198xx kms, YES, very low usage as compared to any average BHP-ian or anybody for that matter, but now that I'm out of college, I plan to use it a WEE bit more, and if that's the case, the car definitely needs some good music!
and how's that going to happen? well, if you go by the ICE directory rules, I havn't kept a sure shot budget, and i know every ICE guru out there has a wicked smile on their face reading just that one sentence, but the thing is, I'm a kid who's just out of college, and working with dad, so have budget constraints by default, because my expenses are still controlled and i'm still going to be looked upon like a maniac if I spend what my heart desires for "just songs" in the car
So before you guys get your hopes up, Let me tell you this is a project which is going to drag over a year, and it is going to be done in stages and not in one shot, Kind of like the modifications section of this forum, but stage 1 is also a small step by step process.
Absolutely stock civic, no modification on the inside or outside whatsoever!
So step 1

Speakers, Having read alot on this forum and going crazy after seeing quite a few civic installs namely GTO for one, Havn't PM'ed for help because i Figured the guru's get bored of the same questions day in an day out, I kept a few names in mind and ventured into the market,
Have a little experience with ICE earlier for my getz which had a khichdi of alot of equipment which well, did the job for me, but now that was a getz, This is a civic, I've grown up a little bit,with little bit of a better budget
Lets just say it's Going to be an exciting few months ahead
Had read enough about components online, and since I'll be driving this car most of the time, decided to address the music in front first, and then head backwards
Didn't have the budget to upgrade the HU at first, so figured i'd start with the speakers
Had in mind JBL, kicker, RF,Hertz, polk, but then i figured, it's a step by step process, why comprimise
Will never have enough money or heart to purchase infinity
But figured Hertz would do the job for me, and if it didn't, id transfer them to the back while i got something else for the front
Wouldn't like to disclose costs out there, so PM if your interested on that
But have started by humble journey from Hertz ESK 165 2 Way Component Speakers

Extremely pleased with them as of now, And this is with a stock 6 cd changer system, Planning to upgrade HU soon, so that's probably when ill realize the true value of this baby
I'm goin to upload pics in awhile because the pics needs to be compressed, stay Tuned!

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