Thursday, January 12, 2012

BMW Group India 2012 model updates,

BMW Group India 2012 model updates,


here are some references for anyone buying a BMW this year,

Mini - All Details can be found in the Auto Expo thread,

BMW 5 Series F10 - 2012

Has a few model updates, While I have posted them on the 530d Test drive thread below is the repost for the same,

The BMW 5 series range has been upgraded for the year 2012 with the following,

1. Drive dynamic control in basic models also
2. Auto start stop function
3. Eco mode
4. A new rear seat design, according to them it improves on comfort.
5. Dynamic experience control.
6. 525d now has a 2 liter engine and 530d is now updated to 560nm.
7. New alloys for 520i, a better design.

525d is a 2 liter 1995cc 4 cylinder unit producing 218 bhp and 450nm of torque, and gets to 100 in 7 seconds, While the displacement is lower its as powerful and in some areas even better but the best is the fuel efficiency is up by 21%

530d is the same old engine but with higher bhp and torque,


Continues with the same specifications but adds a model between the Corporate and the Highline called the Innovation, and sits in between the two with a price tag of about 29 Lac Ex-Showroom. A lot will be upgraded during the arrival of Q3.

BMW 3,

E90, Will continue to be sold as there is a pile of inventory, and sometime towards the start of Q2 2012, will we see the press launch of the F30, there are big plans for it, and will have a lot more engines and trims compared to the outgoing models, and for now initially only 320d and 320i will come in with more models joining in later, higher spec diesel too is planned but will happen after global release as currently the 20d is the only model sold and does a job well enough.

In the pipeline later to keep momentum running planned are 325d or 330d, and towards the lower end of the spectrum is 316d, which will be a segment beater when launched.

BMW 7,

Has been equipped with BMW Apps since some weeks now, and no other major changes, but expect this to go CKD in next few months, but thats at least 6 months or more from now so do not hold back if you need to buy one now.

BMW 6 GranCoupe,

Car will be delivered by September, I will update once you can start placing custom orders.

X3 has no major changes, and 1 is not coming at all this year.

Pricing of most models is pretty similar with a marginal price hike on a few cars. But I expect the 5 to continue to dominate with BMW's pro active stance, and with the arrival of the new 3 expect that segment also to be theirs in a big way,


SMS confirmation on renewing PUC

I renewed the PUC for my Corsa and before the guy could even hand over the receipt, I heard my phone ring.

Here's the SMS I received :

"Vehicle AB 12 CD 3456 is Passed emission test, with certificate no. A123456789 valid till 11-07-12. Commited to Reduce Pollution:Transport Department,Karnataka"

Another thing I noticed - the PUC certificate has the amount of the certificate mentioned i.e. Rs. 75/-

Going by the message, I guess the Transport Dept. has a computerized record of a lot of details for a vehicle.

MODS : I'm not sure if this SMS is sent in other cities in Karnataka or other states so please edit the title accordingly.

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