Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Most suitable upgrade from a Santro ??

Most suitable upgrade from a Santro ??

My better half drives a Santro Xing XO which is nearing about 5yrs of hassle free ownership, and she's declared she needs a new car! clap:.

Now how can a T-BHPian refuse ?

So friends, please help choose a suitable upgrade to the trusty Santro.

Requirements are:

Must be a Diesel
Zippy to drive ( the ford Fiesta classic is the benchmark for her )
Excellent Service Support ( Maruti / Hyundai are the benchmark ).
Budget of upto 6lacs onroad. Can go up by a few thousands.

Intend to buy before March of next year ( want a 2012 car ).

The options I have in mind:

- The Fiesta Classic but for its dated looks. Not sure of Ford Service and Spare parts cost.
- VW Polo. She likes the looks but haven't TD yet.
- Hyundai i20. Seems like a default choice, but for the uninspiring ride/handling.
- Fiat Punto - My choice for its driving dynamics, but scared of the service.
- Etios Liva - came into the fray based on the feedback from TSK1979's thread. Not sure of ownership experiences.

Swift is ruled out for the claustrophobic interiors. Ritz again failed to cut the mould in the looks dept.,

Also would like to know if a Diesel vs Petrol thread exists somewhere ? For a 30-40kms / day running justify a more expensive Diesel ? or will a cheaper Petrol even out the overall TCO.

Look forward to your suggestions.


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